Bemis New Logo

Dear Bemis Customer,



We are pleased to announce that Bemis’ packaging businesses around the world are joining

together under one global logo. Over the last 60 years, many of the companies that joined with

Bemis kept their old logos. This variety of logos highlighted our differences rather than creating a

unified, global identity that would strengthen our similarities.

我们很荣幸地向您宣布毕玛时全球包装业务将整合为一个统一的标志。在过去的60 年间,许多公




Our new logo will replace all of these separate business logos around the world and unify our

teams under one identity. Our new logo is modern, bold, and energetic, reflecting Bemis’

technology prowess riding on the complexities of science alongside the consistency of quality

service and excellence.





During the next few months, you will begin to see the change to our new logo which will reflect

our new business image. The old logo is meaningful and represents an important part of Bemis’

155 year history, and we intend to preserve this history in our archives. Our new logo represents

an opportunity for us to be recognized for our leadership role in the Asia Pacific and global

packaging industry. Your support as a customer of Bemis Asia Pacific is truly appreciated and

we look forward to serving your needs in the future.


毕玛时的旧标志对我们来说是意义非凡的,它在公司155 年发展的历史长河中占据着尤为重要的位





Bemis Asia Pacific is executing a plan to transition to the new logo during 2014, so please

continue to watch for logo updates.

毕玛时亚太地区将会在2014 年全年执行新标志的转换计划,请继续关注相关动向。


Please click or enter the following link to watch a short video here of our new logo.




The Bemis Team


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